KA Syllabus

                A few Words About Going Places:

                         “The more that you read, the more things you will know.

                                   The more things that your learn, the more places you’ll go!”

                                                                                - Theodore S. Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss

Please keep in mind the following points during this formative year of your child's education:

  • The uniqueness of each child should be appreciated and valued.
  • Children grow and develop at different rates.
  • Play can be an important part of the learning experience.
  • Children's natural curiosity makes them eager to learn.
  • Children not only learn from adults, they learn from each other.
Listed below are the books and the periodical that your child will be using this year, followed by an overview of the material covered in each one.  Please remember that aside from academics, Kindergarten is also the business of faith development, socialization, learning to follow directions, and fostering good work habits and problem-solving skills.  Your child will not only be learning via paper and pencil.  Your child will be experiencing lessons that involve arts and crafts, music and movement, and dramatic play. 

Stories of God's Love  (RCL Benziger)

Family Life (RCL Benziger)

These books are based on key themes in Catholic education.  Your child will be encouraged to grow in faith with the knowledge that each of us was made special by God and we give thanks to Him for His many wonderful gifts.  Topics will include:

·          The Holy Trinity

·          Saints

·          The Holy Family

·          Creation

·          Sacraments

·          Church Holidays

·          Christian Morality

·          Scripture

·          Worship

·          Prayer


Journeys  (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)

The Language Arts are a very important part of the Kindergarten Curriculum.  This series will help your emergent reader/writer to gain confidence as well as skill.  Who knows?  Your child may soon be reading you a bedtime story!  Concepts will include:

·          Letter and Sound Recognition

·          Auditory Discrimination of Sounds

·          Penmanship

·          Tracking Left to Right and Top to Bottom

·          Rhyming Words

·          Comparing and Contrasting

·          Listening for Details

·          Drawing Conclusions

·          Sequencing

·          Cause and Effect

·          Listening for the Main Idea

·          Telling a Story

·          High Frequency Word Recognition

·          Sounding Out Words

Kindergarten Phonics  (Sadlier)

This book will help to reinforce some of the concepts taught in the Language Arts Series.  Lessons will include:

·          Short Vowels

·          Long Vowels

·          Auditory Discrimination of Beginning, Middle, and Ending Sounds

Progress in Mathematics  (Sadlier-Oxford)

Did you know that you had a mathematician in your house?  This Math Series will help your child to learn about:

·          Classification and Position

·          Number Recognition

·          Patterns

·          Graphing

·          Measurement

·          Geometry

·          Sorting

·          Telling Time to the Hour

·          Money

·          Addition Readiness

·          Subtraction Readiness


Let’s Find Out  (Scholastic)

Science Spin (Scholastic)

Your child will be receiving these colorful and informative periodicals this year.  Let's Find Out does an excellent job of showcasing holidays, seasons, safety lessons, and health issues.  Science Spin covers a broad range of topics included in the National Science Education Standards.


Science lessons will correlate with topics covered in Language Arts and Religion lessons.  We will be exploring the following:

·          The Five Senses

·          Growing and Changing

·          Being Healthy

·          Living Things

·          Properties of Matter

·          Weather

·          Earth and Sky

·          Sound, Heat, and Light